Regulatory Compliance

With our regulatory compliance solutions, Energy and Oil & Gas companies can effectively manage all their FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) compliance requirements under one platform by securely archiving compliance forms, legal contracts & disclosures and other related documentation in a central repository. Additionally, issues, risk areas, out of compliance defects can be centrally logged, tracked and managed to ensure the right corrective measures have been followed as mandated by federal and independent regulatory bodies.

Our regulatory compliance solutions bring in these key benefits

  • Simplified compliance management by centralizing all compliance processes and checklists
  • Streamline compliance processes by creating standardized workflows
  • Decreaseauditing costs by automating control assessments and issue remediation
  • Gain control and visibility across the enterprise through real-time reporting, roles-based dashboards, risk heat maps, and reports
  • Flexible presentation options with forms, checklists and folder templates
  • Point and Click configuration & administration
  • Share critical content and collaborate with external stakeholders

Our experts are here to help you maintain a centralized structure of your overall compliance and control hierarchy – including processes, assets, risks, controls and policies. We can craft a compliance strategy based on your unique requirements and design a robust solution to make sure you’re protected from any vulnerabilities or violations.
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