Business Solutions

Accounts Payable

Our Accounts Payable solutions can transform your accounting departments from paper-based manual invoicing systems into an automated procure-to-pay system, our automation solution brings in greater visibility, control, and efficiency with these key benefits

  • Elimination of manual invoice entry, using our powerful OCR engine to automatically classify and extract keywords.
  • Integration and automated validation with the majority of ERP systems and any customization if required.
  • Streamlined capture of accounting documents from distributed environments
  • PO and Invoice reconciliation with 2-Way and 3-Way matching
  • Seamless GL coding of non-PO invoices using the active chart of accounts
  • Complete approval management based on granular signature authority
  • Tracking invoices and improved financial reporting
  • Web-based purchase requisition process with the ability to integrate directly with accounting systems
  • Self-service vendor portal
  • SOX (Sarbanes–Oxley Act) complaint

Accounts Receivables

Our Accounts receivable solution can transform your accounting department from paper-based manual receivables to a centralized receivables management system, making your organization to recognize revenue faster with improved cash flow, key benefits include

  • Automated extraction and validation of PO’s, remittance and checks.
  • Streamlined payment posting to accounting systems, and creation of Image Cash Letters(ICLs) for simple electronic deposit.
  • Validation of balances for accuracy and payment reconciliations for up to date balance
  • Approval management based on granular signature authority
  • Single sign-on for customers to track their payment status
  • Workflows to route orders for approval and entry, update and adjustment.
  • SOX (Sarbanes–Oxley Act) complaint

Human Resources

Our HR solutions can handle your employees Onboarding, Policies and Compliances with clarity and security, with automated processes, organizations can free up the time to focus on the most important part: the people, key solution benefits include:

  • Automated ease of handling tasks such as Recruiting, Onboarding, Employee File Management, policies, and separation.
  • Elimination of manual forms with an automated transparent and faster processes for tasks such as PTO, Performance Evaluations etc.
  • Ability to access documents through a mobile device
  • Rapid response to Employee requests
  • Embedded security features to comply with regulations (FLSA, ERISA, ESA, ADEA, HIPPA)
  • Rapid response to Employee requests

Contracts Management

Our Contract management solutions can transform your organization from reactive to proactive, with central management of data and tasks including automation of work flow steps such as review, request, approval, digital signatures and expiration notification, bringing in visibility and control, solution key benefits include

  • Reduction of process times for the complete contract turn around
  • Automated reporting of incomplete data to vendors and dealers
  • Reducing the risk of missed expirations through more visibility and control
  • Remote and Mobile access to contractual approval tasks
  • Ease of integration with the core applications of your contract lifecycle.
  • Scalability to support various contract types
  • Automatic scanning of all paper documents and capability to send them to the right department via secure file transfer protocol

Procurement & Management

Our purchase requisition solution streamlines your purchasing process and can route the information to managers and procurement team for approval, changes or denial bringing in greater visibility, control, and efficiency with these key benefits

  • Integration with all major ERP systems and additional customization if required
  • Capability to store all electronic copies of all documents, so that they can be accessed directly from the ERP system.
  • Simple keystroke to locate the needed documents, rather than searching
  • Instant access to price quotations, invoices, and proposals
  • Reduction of errors in purchasing process due to more visibility
  • More manageable and expedited invoice cycle
  • Complete audit trail, ensuring monitored approval process
  • Reduction of administrative costs system-wide

Regulatory Compliance

With our regulatory compliance solutions, Oil and Gas companies can effectively manage all their FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) compliance requirements under one platform by securely archiving compliance forms, legal contracts & disclosures and other related documentation in a central repository. Our compliance solutions bring in these key benefits

  • Simplified compliance management by centralizing all compliance processes and checklists
  • Streamline compliance processes by creating standardized workflows
  • Decreased auditing costs by automating control assessments and issue remediation
  • Gain control and visibility across the enterprise through real-time reporting, roles-based dashboards, risk heat maps, and reports
  • Flexible presentation options with forms, checklists and folder templates
  • Point and Click configuration & administration
  • Share critical content and collaborate with external stakeholders